Thursday, September 08, 2005

We have a shop!!!

The newest thing that's happened lately is that we've opened an online shop selling t-shirts, mugs, bags, cards, baby bibs, cushions, etc.

The designs featured in our shop have been designed by the very talented Australian artist, Joelle Mayberry, and they are exclusive only the Rescue Rabbit online shop. Her designs promote rabbits as house bunnies & also promote an anti-fur message, all with a humourous touch.

Please visit our shop & help us raise some money for our rescue rabbits!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Dennis Lily

Our little Lily (or should we call him Dennis now?!), went in for the chop last week. All went well & within 24 hours, he'd already pulled all his stitches out. Fortunately everything is okay & he's mending well.

Lily is one remarkable little bunny. Nothing fazes this little guy. When I bought Lily & Hugo home (Hugo went along for support... however, they both ended up getting a vaccination!), Lily leapt out of the carrier and promptly went for a run & a box climb. Normally when I bring somebun home from the vet they are a little quieter than usual but Lily had no qualms about getting back into the swing of things.

Dingy's EC update

It's been five weeks today since Dingle contracted EC & a head tilt. She's been on medication daily & has one more week to go (Panacur & Metacam).

I can't say that Dingy is better but she certainly has improved over time. She still has a head tilt & still rolls over when she loses her balance. Sometimes she's really good, standing up & head forward, then she loses it & her head slips around and she falls. She seems to be better in the mornings but by the end of the evening she gets really tired.

We rigged up a padded area for her to live in when she first became sick. It's quite a large area with lots of towels on the floor. The walls are all sorts of things from cardboard boxes to wire enclosures & walls or doors. We've padded up all her "walls" with pillows & cushions so she can lean up against them. I've also added a pillow to the centre so if she falls, she'll land on the pillow in the middle & take the time to right herself again.

We're finding the whole experience very draining but seeing her improving makes it all worth it.