Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Talk to the Animals

Today was a very exciting day!! We filmed a story for Talk to the Animals on Channel 9. Dr Chris (vet) & the crew arrived at our house this morning to meet us & the bunnies.

I was up madly cleaning the house until after midnight last night & Nimal was up at 5.30am this morning to go & get two newly surrendered angoras that were part of the story.

Yesterday our vet (Dr Narelle Walter) was filmed at the Melbourne Rabbit Clinic showing surgeries on rabbits & the shearing of the two angoras. We then filmed the other half of the story by introducing the angoras to their new home at our place.
The crew ended up filming loads of stuff on us as well & all our bunnies which was fabulous. So, not only did we do a story on rehoming rabbits and grooming but also on rabbit diet, desexing, housing & why rabbits aren't good pets for small children.
Thanks so much Channel 9 & everyone at Talk to the Animals!!