Friday, June 25, 2010

April diary

Easter time means quite a few boarding buns coming to stay for the holidays. Some old friends and some new friends coming to stay at the Do Hop Inn. It's always fabulous to see such loved house buns!!

As we were expecting holiday buns coming to stay, there was a need to move some of our own buns around a little to free up space. It turned out to be a good idea! Cleaning up & moving things around was a very therapeutic exercise!!

Molly moved into Ally's room into a new enclosure. Our attempts to introduce Ally & Tinkerbelle doesn't seem to be a great match so Molly's new addition to the room is already making a difference to Ally. I think they might get along in the future!! (fingers crossed xx)

Princess had a room makeover! Her room will never be photographed for a glossy magazine cover but it's looking pretty good (in our opinion) and is much more human & Princess friendly. Kitty's also moved into Princess's room (into a new enclosure) and she loves her new spot (fresh air & sunshine) - so she couldn't be happier!

I thought that Kitty & Princess would be so unhappy living next to each other (even with a heavy barrier between them) but they have been really great. Neither is angry or upset and both lie next to each other. There's been a bit of nibbling of the barrier but I was completely surprised. Both buns, known to be both angry girls, are really enjoying having a neighbour to chat with. I still wouldn't introduce them in person - we sadly know they would tear each other apart!!

Poppy's been on the rampage again chewing a hole in the couch and wreaking havoc on anything else she can find.

Dingleberry has a weepy eye we have been trying to fix for quite a while. It doesn't seem to be anything teeth related but it's her uppy eye (she has a head tilt) so we have to make sure that her good eye stays healthy.