Sunday, January 03, 2010

December diary

With Christmas fast approaching and holiday buns due to land on our doorstep in the next few days, the BOING household is expecting its usual Christmas chaos. Loads of barriers, leaping over doorways to find the bathroom or toilet, trolley loads of fresh veggies & emergency trips to the stockfeed store for more hay. Ah, yes Christmas! Ho Ho Ho!

As for the buns, everyone is doing okay so far (touch wood). Pumpkin unfortunately had the misfortune of meeting Isabelle face to face one day when she pushed through a flimsy barrier I had set up between them. I had the silly idea that they might like each other. I think they were both interested but Isabelle is quite pushy and days after erecting my see-through barrier, she barreled through to Pumpkin & fur was flying. Pumpkin never had a chance against the “tank”. He now has bites all over him, the chances of bonding them is over and a very nasty abscess formed on his neck.

The abscess became very large & I was worried about him. He’s been on chloramphenicol antibiotics for the last few weeks & the abscess has dropped dramatically in size. Hopefully it will go away on its own but knowing bunny abscesses, it can probably only be removed surgically. Pumpkin’s now happily on the other side of the house away from Izzy with his beloved friend “Butternut”.

Pancake is still plodding along with her kidney failure. Her back left leg is very weak so she sometimes falls to the left but she’s doing as well as can be expected. She gets her special bowls of critical care a few times a day which she eats without help and every second day she is given fluids under the skin to help her kidneys. Ally, her devoted partner, is doing everything he can to make her feel happy & loved. He grooms her constantly, lets her lean up against him and doesn’t eat her special food. He’s a lovely boy!!

All our buns need to be vaccinated against calici now. Still have to work out how that’s going to happen!!

Grooming the fluffies (Missy & Charlie the angoras) has been going very well with our new cordless clipper. I can only clip off little bits at a time but the difference from manual to electric has been dramatic. It’s amazing how beautiful their fur feels and how wonderful it is to get those horrid knots & tangles out with a quick clip. I have to be very careful about pulling the fur though as the skin is very delicate & can tear if pulled.

Poppy has now been given the new title of “Destructo Bun”. She’s a disaster area!!! Given the entire lounge room to roam at all times, she’s normally a very happy bun. However, when we’re out of the room she gets super bored! So far she’s chewed through a light cord (after she’d pulled it so hard that it unplugged on its own fortunately!!). The cord was already covered in irrigation pipe but not long enough for a bun who squeezed herself down a miniscule gap to grab the cord with her teeth.

Then there was the chocolate! I was out of the room for two seconds & had left some soy chocolate sitting on a table. Before I could run to stop her, Destructo Bun had grabbed the wrapper & chewed half a piece! We panicked that she’d eaten chocolate, but fortunately she was okay. Then only another half a day later she climbed high up on furniture and gained access to the top of our mantelpiece. Destructo Bun then grabbed a tiny bottle of visine eye drops & cracked the container!

Fortunately, Destructo Bun is still with us & hasn’t killed herself yet! All vaguely dangerous items have now been removed from the lounge room but she still manages to discover something else naughty to do!

So, from everyone at BOING at the Do Hop Inn, we wish you all a very happy festive season.

Keep your buns safe, don’t forget summer is upon us so flies, mozzies & fleas are at their peak numbers. Summer heat is deadly to buns so bring them inside on hot days.

May your buns stay safe & your holidays be cruelty free!!