Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Feb/March diary

Tessie & Rex (our latest glamour couple) pictured above
Sadly, we lost our beloved Pancake last month. Her kidney failure caused huge weight loss and weakness. We were really sad to have to step in & make that horrible decision but it was only a matter of time before she was going to leave us and we didn’t want her to suffer any longer.

Ally, Pancake’s long term partner, couldn’t understand why his girlfriend of six and a half years couldn’t walk anymore without assistance or needed a silly rolled up towel to lean on. He would pick up the towel and throw it aside, which didn’t help Pancake, but made him fell like he was helping. On the day we made the decision for euthanasia, we told Ally to give her a kiss goodbye. He kissed & kissed her. When we brought her body home, he kissed & kissed her some more.

Ally now has a new roommate to keep him company. We have set up a double barrier between him and Tinkerbelle. Tinkerbelle was once bonded to Pumpkin but since their spat, she has been living a single life. She’s a bit feisty and can be aggressive but she’s already behaving much softer towards Ally as she can see how lovely and friendly he is. We hope they’ll become great friends in the future.

Our latest couple, Tessie & Rex, are doing fabulously well. Tessie has been showing her dominant side lately but they are just wonderful little buddies. It’s so wonderful to see Rex with a girlfriend as he had never had a bunny buddy before in the 6 years before coming to live at BOING and he’s besotted with Tessie. She loves to snuggle and rest her head on Rex’s back.

Poppy Popstar has again excelled herself with more naughty antics. She’s obviously aiming for the 2010 Fuzzly Awards already. This last month she bit my upper arm after pushing open a barrier to start a fight with Lulu (both were okay), then she hurt her foot and was limping (still don’t know what happened there but okay now) and then she ate all but two buttons off the remote control (real fun trying to figure out what the buttons do now!).

We were very fortunate to recently have the lovely Dr Narelle Walter over to visit all our bunnies and give them all their yearly calici vaccinations. It was quite a task vaccinating everyone but we’re so happy and relieved to know that they are all now safe from such a fatal virus.

The moulting season has definitely started on the BOING bunnies! There is fur exploding everywhere! Peanut looked like he was doubling in size as all this fluff was coming out in one go.

Our latest rescue bun, Ginger, is doing very well. His loose & matted fur started to come off by itself which was great. I just helped a little. Unfortunately, I don’t think Ginger was at all pleased or comfortable with all the new attention which did cause him a bit of stress. He looks great though & it must be much more comfortable for him.

The recent giant hailstones that plummeted down in Melbourne recently were something we hoped would not upset the bunnies. Luckily, they all took it in their stride without a care in the world.

Novelty factors this month included a visit to the White Rabbit Brewery in Healesville. If you like dark ale (naturally brewed and no additives), lots of bunny references and soft squishy couches, you’ll love this place


Just so happens, you can also get a wonderful Shiraz from Bunn Vineyard in Western Australia. This wine is really nice, all naturally fermented and contains no additives or preservatives! This wine can be found at selective bottle shops (or request it!).