Tuesday, June 05, 2007

BOING on tv!!!

We made our television debut on the 4th of June when the ABC broadcast an episode of Creature Features starring our bunnies.

Karen and I were quite nervous about seeing ourselves on screen for the first time. I rushed back from work early in order to be home to watch the episode as it aired, mainly because I was afraid that Karen might have some kind of attack or cause herself an injury due to over-excitement.

Our segment ran for just over 5 minutes, featuring most of our bunnies and some mildly embarrassing antics from their human friends.

Without wishing to blow our own trumpet too loudly (perish the thought), we can inform anyone who missed seeing our brush with fame that it is not too late! The video from the episode can be viewed through the ABC website (just click on the giant Pancake – our bunny Pancake, that is!)

If viewing a week or so later, click “more videos” & there’s a list of previous stories. Ours is called “House Bunnies”.