Sunday, February 28, 2010

January diary

Happy New Year everyone! It’s been a busy month at the Do Hop Inn. Holiday buns have been coming and going, Pancake is still with us and Pumpkin has had his abscess removed.

Our most recent issue has been picking up a bunny that was rescued from the cooking pot. The little ginger bun (pictured above) was bought from a market with the intention that he was to become dinner at some stage.

Well, two years on and the family who bought him apparently changed their minds (though we can only guess there have been others in between). Maybe this little ginger bunny was too cute? Perhaps the little ginger bunny was too scrawny and never gained enough weight? Perhaps the family kept the bunny too long and became attached? Who knows????

Anyway, after juggling a few phone calls & arranging a rendezvous in the streets of Melbourne, the little bunny is now living with us. He’s a cutie but his fur is badly matted, his nails are very long and he has an irritation under his chin. His veterinary checkup revealed that he’s pretty good otherwise and his teeth aren’t too bad (even though he has a number of uneven teeth around the front, indicating a bad diet, the back teeth are not bad).

Funnily enough, I originally thought the bunny was a girl but it turns out that she’s a he as the stress of his previous life caused his testicles to go north. Hopefully with some love and a better diet, the little bun’s testicles will venture further south soon!

We’re planning on looking after the bunny in the meantime and will book him in for desexing when he’s ready.

We’re calling the little guy Ginger at the moment and he should be ready for adoption by the end of February. If anyone is interested in adopting this little bun and can give him a permanent and loving home where he can be appreciated and loved, please let me know. Preferably, we would only be looking for indoor accommodation where there are no small children or dogs.

Our Mr Pumpkin has had his neck abscess surgically removed (after an altercation with Izzy the “tank”). He’s much happier but it did take him a few days to get over the surgery. The lovely Dr Kay at the Melbourne Rabbit Clinic looked after our Pumpkin and she said that the abscess came out very neatly as it was localised.

Pancake has been struggling with her kidney failure for three months now. She’s very thin and her back legs have mostly given out. We really don’t know how long she’ll be with us and whether we’ll need to intervene but she’s still enjoying her treats and eats her greens and hay. She seems okay but her quality of life is fairly limited.

A bit of great news…..we have a new glamour couple!!!! Tessa & Rex (small little netherland boy that was surrendered to us last year) are now an item!!!

Rex is the cutest & friendliest little guy who wouldn’t hurt a fly. Tessa is a little more nervous and has rejected all other attempts at bonding her with other buns.

Rexie and Tessa have been living next to each other for months and the day came to introduce them in person. Rexie tried his best to hump Tessa but with his one disabled leg, he fortunately couldn’t keep up with her.

Tessa realised that Rexie really wasn’t too much of a threat & before long the two of them were living a contented life together. It’s really sweet seeing them bonded finally. One change has been in Tessa’s eating habits. Alone she was never interested in greens but as Rexie is a real foodie, she has been running to the greens & sharing the meal, otherwise he’ll eat it all!