Thursday, June 29, 2006

Rabbit teeth

Did you know that rabbit's teeth keep growing & growing throughout their lives. In the wild, rabbits chew on all kinds of things such as grass, roots and trees which keep their teeth naturally short. Our domestic bunny needs lots of things to chew as well so they can stay healthy & happy.

Give your bunny safe things to chew, such as:

* lots of hay
* unsprayed apple branches
* unsprayed & dethorned rose sticks
* cardboard boxes
* old telephone books

NEVER CUT YOUR RABBIT'S TEETH WITH CLIPPERS!!!!! Clipping teeth causes the teeth to split and become infected.

If your rabbit has teeth that are too long, please visit an experienced rabbit vet with dental equipment.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Peace & Harmony's happy ending

If you are a regular reader of The Bunologist. You may remember the two drain bunnies that were found outside Keysborough Shelter in February 2006. Dumped on the street and found on a scorching 40 degree day, these two lucky white lop sisters were found & brought into the shelter to get a second chance at life.

Gale-Dawn Jensen recently adopted “Peace” & “Harmony” from the shelter to be friends with her other bunny Hazel.

We find out a little bit about Gale-Dawn & her bunnies - Hazel, Peace & Harmony:

BOING: How did you end up with your first ever bunny?
Gale-Dawn: In 1996 my daughter was given a tiny black bunny for Easter from her partner. About three weeks later she found the little bunny too challenging so she gave it to me.

BOING: You had cats before rabbits. Which has been more challenging?
G-D: Rabbits. After taking on my first bunny I knew zero about them. I contacted the Lort Smith but they didn’t seem know much about bunnies at the time. I contacted the SHOW bunny people and they told me that bunnies only live about 3 to 5 years. I discovered that my local vet did not know much about bunnies either. All the books I read seemed to conflict with each other. So, the last 10 years has not only been challenging but also very heart breaking.

BOING: Sadly, you recently lost your two female bunnies. Was your boy bunny Hazel lonely without his girlfriends?
G-D: It seemed to me that Hazel was very lonely as his behaviour changed. He is normally a happy, bouncy bunny but after the girls died he became sulky, hiding in the corner all day.

BOING: How did you hear about the drain bunnies?
G-D: When Hy and Nel passed away I decided to find out as much about bunnies as I could. While looking up information on the internet, I came across Keysbourough Shelter's web site.

BOING: Have you ever adopted rabbits from a shelter before?
G-D: No. My first two bunnies were Clover (my daughters black bunny) and Fiver. Fiver belonged to my sister who decided he was far too challenging for her.

BOING: Were you planning on adopting both Peace & Harmony?
G-D: No. I wanted one female bun for Hazel but after talking to Leigh at the shelter I decided that two females would be better as Hazel has grown up with two female buns.

BOING: Did Hazel take to Peace & Harmony easily?
G-D: Like he had known them forever! He was very lonely so he seemed very happy to welcome them. Hazel is a happy bouncy bunny again.

BOING: Did Peace & Harmony settle in quickly or has it taken some time?
G-D: No they took their time. I put them into the dining room first and it took about four weeks for them to start feeling OK about roaming around the house and outside back area.

BOING: What have you noticed about their behaviour?
G-D: I left them to find their own way around the house and back area but they like to take in a little bit at a time. Also they’ve been a bit shy near me, though they are OK if I’m near them. I have found that if I let them come to me, it’s better for them.

BOING: Your house is very devoted to the bunnies' freedom. Where do they most enjoy spending their time?
G-D: The dining room seems to be their area. It is the one room I do not need to go into very often. This surprised me as it has lino on the floor. They seem to get around the lino OK. The lounge is there second choice.

BOING: What's their favourite foods?
G-D: Carrot and apple which is only given to them for a treat.

BOING: Would you recommend adopting rabbits from a shelter?
G-D: Yes. Leigh seemed to know what Harmony and Peace needed which was a quiet home with no children, dogs or cats. My living environment seemed to suit Harmony and Peace. I don’t think my living environment suited my first bunny’s Clover and Fiver so I think matching bunnies and living environment is extremely important.