Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Talk to the Animals

Rabbits are very misunderstood animals, but thankfully in Melbourne, there is a hospital dedicated to their care and welfare called The Melbourne Rabbit Clinic.

Dr Narelle Walter is used to preparing long-eared patients for theatre. Rabbits have incredibly delicate bones, and can easily break limbs.

Long-haired breeds, such as the angora, are also prone to tangles that just won't brush out. Clipping isn't pretty - the rabbits must be sedated and it's a slow process because their skin can rip like paper.

After the shave, Karen & Nimal from BOING took the pair into their heart and home, where their rescued bunnies relax & live the quiet life indoors. Don't worry, they're all desexed!

So if you're thinking of a bunny as a pet, Dr Chris from Talk to the Animals, advises you do your homework and rabbit proof your house if you want to bring them inside. They love to chew wiring!

Contact:Dr Narelle Walter at The Melbourne Rabbit Clinic
Phone: 0418 372 435
For more information on rabbit care: http://www.boingonline.com/