Friday, June 25, 2010

May diary

Bunny get together
We were so excited and happy to have so many lovely and friendly bunny lovers over to the Do Hop Inn last month.

Thanks to everyone who came along!! We will do it all again later in the year.

12 month anniversary for farm buns
May celebrates the 12 month anniversary of our farm bunnies being released from their prison and coming to live with us. Poppy, Lulu & Isabelle have been having the best time since coming to stay. One year on and three bunnies who would not be here today, if they had stayed at the factory farm where they were rescued, are now very loved members of our family and we could not imagine life without them now.

Fox reminder
Sadly, May also marks the 12 month anniversary when we lost our Charlotte & Billy to a fox/dog attack. Please use this reminder to check your outside enclosures if your bunnies stay outside overnight. If you can cut the wire with a pair of scissors, a dog/fox can chew through. If a bunny can dig out, a dog/fox can dig in. If there is no roof, a fox/dog or hawk can get in. Please ensure that Charlotte & Billy's memory lives on to help your bunny live a stress free & safe life outdoors.

Bonding disasters
This month we attempted to bond Ally & Molly. They had several dates in person after living next to each other with a barrier between for a few months. The dates went okay but both were never really bonding with each other. They could never be left unattended as they would quarrel and fight. We are not fond of forcing a friendship so if the buns don't like each other, we'll find them a friend that they do like.