Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Adopt Me!!!

Name: Buckley
Sex: Male
Found: Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

Buckley is an adult male bunny roughly around 2 or 3 years of age.

He was rescued from the streets and has had some facial trauma. He had to have one lower tooth removed, however, does well without it. He doesn't require dental treatment at the moment as the bottom tooth is wearing down the top two. He has had some trauma to his nose - sometimes a bit wet (damage to membrane) but otherwise all good.

He is EXCEPTIONALLY affectionate and drenches anyone with kisses. He is very placid and quiet. He enjoys playing outside, enjoys digging and binkying to the point of banging into things!!

He would particularly love a more quiet home ie. not numerous children etc. He is playful and loving but can get a bit distressed with a lot of noise & change, given his history.

He would do very well with a female bunny friend rather than a male bunny. Preferably the female would be a quieter submissive girl as he is very placid and boisterous rabbits could be stressful for him.

He enjoys space and my preference would be that he is not always in a hutch and has a good amount of space both inside and outside. He also likes playing with toys. He loves his veggies and also is a good hay eater (his food does need to be cut into smaller pieces due to the loss of the tooth, however, he manages very well)

If anyone can give Buckley a loving home, please contact Rebecca at rebecca@casalc.com.au (preferably somewhere in Victoria so he doesn't have to travel too far)