Wednesday, November 25, 2009

November diary

Last month we took a urine sample from Poppy (above) to find out why she & Lulu may have been having problems urinating. The sample came back clear without any infection found. Good news I guess but still no answer to why these two girls sometimes have problems going to the toilet.

Both buns are off antibiotics currently and seem to be okay. Poppy has had a few upsets but, mysteriously, bringing her out to the lounge room seems to cure her problem. Possibly the whole issue might be based on the previous lives of these bunnies. Since being locked up in small boxes at the factory farm, it appears that whenever Poppy is moved to the laundry (so we can let another bun out for a run in the lounge room) it triggers off her condition. Bring her back out to run free in the lounge room & she’s fine. Lulu has also had her home expanded to include the bathroom & the hallway. Both buns have been fine so far (cross paws!).

Pancake is still with us but becoming weaker & wobblier as time goes on due to her kidney failure. She’s still happy though & loves snuggling up with her partner Ally. She loves her food but her back legs are giving out which is really sad to see. She’s still licking up her critical care in a bowl but we found out that high potassium is not good for kidney problems so we’ve stopped mixing in banana & now use mashed pear.

As mentioned earlier in the article on heat & bunnies, the fluffies (Missy & Charlie – the angoras) have now had a radical haircut using our new professional pet clippers. Marvelous things!! (both fluffies & the clippers!)

Since our house is now being taken over by Lulu, Poppy & Izzy, we needed to move a few bunnies around to allow for maximum space for everyone. This meant that Charlie & Missy have now moved into our studio, which is also the major reason for our purchase of the new clippers. The studio is fabulous & large which suits the fluffies very well. The floor is cool concrete, they have a large rug to run on, a skylight for added light, a daybed for relaxing on special occasions and now a lovely new screen door to let in fresh air & sunshine.

They’re loving it but the main thing is knowing that they have lots of room to run & their fur is now under control!