Friday, September 25, 2009

September diary

The Do Hop Inn has been filling up with even more bunnies this month! Fortunately, most of these newbies are just “on holiday”, but we do have one more surrender bunny called Rex. He’s a little black undesexed bunny nearly 6 years of age. The short story is that he was surrendered because his health issues were distracting his human friend from her studies so her mother decided he must go (hmmm….. some people just amaze me!) Since Rex’s age, wonky front leg & dental problems would not have given him a chance at a shelter, he came to live with us.

Good news so far with our ex farm bunnies. Poppy has recovered really well after her abscess was removed. She was on pain relief & antibiotics for a long, long time but everything seems to be okay for now. She seemed to develop an addiction to pain relief but, for now, she’s off the stuff! I can’t imagine her spending time in Rehab with the likes of Amy Winehouse.

Just when I was going to say that Lulu hasn’t had any problems since her spell on antibiotics, she’s had another tummy upset. We’re really hoping that she’s on the mend though. Nicknamed “polar bear” (because of her size & her luminescent white coat), she’s just the most glorious bunny and so beautiful.

Izzy, the only farm bunny that hadn’t required any medical treatment so far, developed ear mites this month! They were seriously nasty and I was very annoyed with myself that I didn’t notice them earlier. By the time I saw her ear, the mites were thick, brown & crusty. Fortunately, one dab of Revolution for cats on the back of her neck (measured for her weight) fixed them right up. It was quite amazing to see how quickly the mites went away. In only a few days, her ear was looking much better and in one week, they were all gone.

We celebrated Dingleberry’s eighth birthday mid September!!! Woo hoo – Carrot cake, cranberry juice and celery muffins all round (and that’s just for the humans!!).

Dingleberry is our very first bunny. She now has a bit of a wacky head tilt from an inner ear infection she acquired four years ago but she’s still running around & enjoying life.

Pumpkin, after breaking up with his girlfriend Tinkerbelle, now has a new girlfriend. She’s gentle, won’t bite, she’s super soft and loves to be groomed. Her name’s Butternut… and she’s a sheep! A sheep pillow that is. Oh well, she might not be another real live bunny but Pumpkin thinks she’s pretty cute!