Sunday, February 17, 2008


Monash University conducts completely unecessary live experiments on rabbits as part of it’s undergrad science class, but you can make them stop.

Animal Liberation Victoria was contacted in early 2007 by distressed students from Monash University's third year undergraduate science course.

Students were being instructed to perform experiments on live unconscious rabbits which included:

  • Restraining the rabbits on a work table, with their paws and teeth tied to anchor points
  • Cutting open the rabbits' throats with unsterilised instruments and inserting a tube into their wind pipe
  • Administering various chemicals into their blood stream to observe the effect on the rabbits' heart rate

At the end of the class, the rabbits were given a lethal overdose and discarded in a rubbish bin.

The students were given the option of watching a video about the procedure instead of taking part, and therefore an alternative to this senseless killing is plainly available. In fact, we believe these experiments are illegal, as the code of practice governing animal experiments in educaction states that alternatives must be used wherever possible.

Monash has refused to stop the experiments, and in a self-contradictory letter to ALV, Professor Richard Larkins, Vice Chancellor and President of Monash, admitted that students could choose to watch a video instead of taking part and that they would not be penalised or disadvantaged by doing so, and yet also claimed that there were no viable alternatives to the use of the rabbits and that the experiments were necessary!

It's important that you voice your opposition to these experiments to Monash University.

Please visit ALV's website -

& use the links to the right - "Tell them to stop!" - and send an email demanding that this terrible waste of life ends.

If you have trouble opening the email link, please email us at & we will send you all the contact info & the draft message.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Website problems

Computer difficulties can be annoying at the best of times but when a website stops opening, it's positively upsetting!!

Unfortunately, we cannot currently open the BOING website to apply updates as the system constantly crashes. We will rectify the problem when we can figure out what the problem actually is so we can update our adoption page & news stories for you to enjoy.

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