Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Dingy's EC update

It's been five weeks today since Dingle contracted EC & a head tilt. She's been on medication daily & has one more week to go (Panacur & Metacam).

I can't say that Dingy is better but she certainly has improved over time. She still has a head tilt & still rolls over when she loses her balance. Sometimes she's really good, standing up & head forward, then she loses it & her head slips around and she falls. She seems to be better in the mornings but by the end of the evening she gets really tired.

We rigged up a padded area for her to live in when she first became sick. It's quite a large area with lots of towels on the floor. The walls are all sorts of things from cardboard boxes to wire enclosures & walls or doors. We've padded up all her "walls" with pillows & cushions so she can lean up against them. I've also added a pillow to the centre so if she falls, she'll land on the pillow in the middle & take the time to right herself again.

We're finding the whole experience very draining but seeing her improving makes it all worth it.