Sunday, November 13, 2005

We have another bun!

Friday night was a call out to catch a stray bunny wandering around in a construction site. It was dark, raining & I wasn't feeling very optimistic about the whole situation. However, under the cover of darkness we rendezvoused at the local service station to meet up with our other counterparts, gathered our towels, carry case & a bunch of carrots and meadered our way around the construction fence.

It was pretty soon that we saw our little target - brown, small, long ears. He was dangerously close to a busy road so Nimal went around to the back to encourage him towards us. Everyone grabbed a towel and we attempted to get near him. He ran off a couple of times but not in fear. It certainly didn't take long before he came over to check me out & just by throwing over the bunch of carrots in his direction, he bounced right over for a look. With lightning quick reflexes, he was caught & was safely in our carry case.

He is the cutest little guy who loves to lick (very unsual for a boy). We've called him Barney and he's very friendly. He'll be booked in very soon to have his dangly bits removed as he has sprayed me already & tried to hump my arm but I took that as a compliment (not that I want it repeated!).