Friday, November 02, 2007

Bunny Lover's Picnic (update)

As the weather is looking pretty bad for Sunday, we have plans A, B & C (just in case!).

The picnic & meetup is still on!!!

Sunday 4 November
Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne
from 12pm onwards

There will be a sign left at Gate B to let people know where we will be.

Plan A - If all is well, we'll be on the Tennyson Lawn

Plan B - If a little bit drizzly or still around lunch time, we'll be eating our picnic in the Tecoma Pavillion (between gate B & C)

Plan C - If pouring with rain or freezing cold, we'll be at the Terrace Cafe

You can download a great map of all these locations from the Royal Botanic Gardens website page -

We hope to see you there!!