Saturday, May 28, 2005

Separation anxiety

Today we officially separated the last male bunny from the girls. Since Hugo, Lily & Sammy (aka Susie - turns out she was a he!) were separated weeks ago, Lily is now is another separate enclosure but in the same space as Hugo & Sammy so they can still be together. Today we separated the last boy bunny from the rest of the clan. Unfortunately he was mummy's favourite & it was very sad to have to separate them for the time being.

What's worse is I was advised to give it a shot and put the boy bunny (he hasn't got a name yet) in with Hugo & Sammy to see how they would go. Well it went really well for about 10 minutes & I watched them all have a wonderful time running about. The little guy even had a few binkies as he was having such fun, but then Hugo started sniffing around and next thing they were at it. I stepped in straight away to separate them (as my better sense told me it was not going to work - but hey, you've got to give something a try right?!) and unfortunately got my hand in between the two of them, gaining a really nasty bite. I've never had such a piece torn out of me before & needless to say it really hurts!!! Bunnies can be very vicious if they want to be so in a way I'm glad it was me & not the other bunny who was bitten.

So, since I couldn't put the poor little guy back in with mum & his sisters & it didn't work with Hugo & Sammy, he's in our bedroom now in a rather small enclosure by himself. He's a bit scared but he's eating his hay & his dinner & will be okay. I'll have to come up with a name for him as I'll see him everytime I wake up & before I go to sleep so I'll have to say hello or goodnight to someone!