Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Congratulations, you're a mummy!

The bunny that we brought in from the cold last week has now had babies! I didn't even know she was pregnant until yesterday when I found the hay that I thought she'd eaten had been moved inside the box she sleeps in. I felt her tummy and it was moving. I could feel at least two babies and they were big! Today she started plucking out fur to make a nest so I left her alone so she wouldn't get frightened and when I felt her tummy this afternoon, there's no movement!! I think they were born today as I heard a bit of rustling coming from the box!

I've never had a bunny with babies before (except when I was very young and that didn't go too well!). My mother thought the rabbit wasn't paying enough attention to the babies and brought them all inside trying to feed them with an eye dropper until 2am. Needless to say, none of them made it. It turns out that rabbits usually give birth but then spend a bit of time away from the nest but return to feed etc. If we had left them alone with the mother, all the babies would have probably been fine. So, with this situation she is on her own and I will not interfere!

I am a bit worried about the mother though as I think she has probably had some kind of head injury. She seems to lose concentration when standing still and her head slides sideways every so often. It's not a tilt and she corrects herself but something has happened to her along the way to make me suspicious of her history. She is definitely white under all the dirt. I noticed today that she has a ring of white unmarked fur around her middle so she might have been caught somewhere for a period of time.