Thursday, February 24, 2005

Major underestimation!

Well, I slightly underestimated how many baby bunnies we have. We have about eight I think!! Exactly two weeks in the nest turned the little munchkins into real bunnies that I can now identify with. They are now proper little fluffballs with their ears sticking up and they are lovely and round and all bouncing around looking very curious. They still haven't ventured out of their nest yet but I can see most of them are all white with pink eyes but two are black & white (one with striking black eyes - kind of looks like an English Spot with the black line running down its back).

We're a little overwhelmed with how many baby buns there are but I'm just happy they are all healthy. They will be staying with their mum for another 10 weeks as Lucky will be very bonded to them and continues to feed them for around 2 months. At around 10-12 weeks she will lose interest in them and that's when we will probably move her away from them and separate the sexes.

We will be looking for good homes for all the baby bunnies so if you would be interested in adopting one (or preferably a bonded pair), please email us. We will be attempting to raise lots of money in the meantime to pay for desexing & vaccinations before the babies are adopted out. If you would like to donate any funds towards Lucky & her babies, please email us for details.