Monday, April 25, 2005

EC is not a death sentence!

A little over a week ago, our littlest baby bun Lily developed E. Cuniculi. I noticed that she wasn't looking quite right and was wobbling around a bit. She didn't have any balance and fell backwards if she stood up on her hind legs. I removed Lily, Hugo & Smudge2 from the group (as they are good friends) and within one day was medicating her & the other siblings with Panacur (they are living in our quarantine area so they don't infect anyone else). It's been a bit over one week now and I can already see an improvement with Lily. She's a cheeky little thing and is quite at home stealing Hugo or Smudge's apple treats after they've had their medicine! Her head is tilted but not severely and she can even correct it if she really wants to. She did have darting eyes on the third day but this has already ceased since medication.

When I medicate her & the others, I wear a particular top that I can pop them into and squirt the Panacur into their mouths. When I put Lily in there, she still rolls around like a prezel - legs & arms everywhere! But she can climb if she wants to!! She hates the Panacur (so do the others) but she loves the Metacam (used as a painkiller). They all particularly love their piece of apple though that they get after their medicine!

I have to say that, apart from Myxo & Calici, E. Cuniculi was the most feared illness for me. I was really concerned about it and didn't know how I would cope but Lily has been an inspiration! I have been told that acupuncture works on EC cases in the early stages so do plan on making a visit to a recommended specialist in Prahran soon. Stay tuned! We'll let you know how it goes.