Friday, February 11, 2005

Lucky bunny

It's been a week since Lucky arrived at our house. She's improved heaps and doesn't run away nearly as fast when we feed her. She loves dandelion leaves and everything else we are feeding her. I've been told that we need to have lots of food on hand for her so she knows she's safe and won't abandon the babies.

Apparently the reason why rabbit mothers leave their babies for most of the time is because the babies are born without a scent so predators cannot find them. The babies are most at risk when the mother enters the nest to feed them so she only feeds them once a day at around 4-5am. The babies are then recovered with the warm fur and she spends the rest of the time as far away as possible.

I did a search around the area this week to see if anyone had reported a bunny missing. I copped a bit of flack from another forum because I said I would not find the owners as Lucky was in such a bad state. So I called the RSPCA, vets in the area, looked through local papers for ads & went to the Keysborough Shelter. No one had reported her missing which didn't surprise me. She's here to stay now and we'll help her raise the little ones.