Friday, February 18, 2005

Baby bun update

I saw Lucky's babies for the first time on Wednesday. They still haven't emerged from the nest and the spot they are in is quite awkward to access so after they were one week old I had a bit of a look inside with a torch. I think it must have surprised and frightened them a bit as they started leaping around like little seals bouncing into each other. I think I saw three and the black & white one is particularly bouncy so he dominated the viewing. I didn't look for long as I was worried they would hurt each other. They had their eyes open and their little ears are very small and kind of pinned back at the moment. It will be very interesting to see the babies appear soon as they are getting bigger and should soon be able to walk.

Lucky is doing very well and is a great mum. I don't feel worried about the babies at all as she knows better how to look after them than I do. She is eating lots of food and I top up her pellets throughout the day so she always has something to eat. She loves her hay which is great and her poos are huge now thanks to the oaten hay. Her face is healing quite quickly and she's taking food from my hand now. She won't let me touch her yet but I think once the babies are out and about I'll be able to sit with them all and she will probably trust me a lot more.