Monday, March 21, 2005

Easter campaign

It's been a while since I posted but this week I'm full of enthusiasm as I've been tackling the world of media. As Easter is soon upon us, it's a reminder for me to get the word out there to lots of people who are unaware about how wonderful our bunny friends are. Around this time many people consider buying baby bunnies for children as an Easter gift. With this kind of impulse purchase, we see a vast majority of these little innocent fluffballs either forgotten after a few months to be left alone and ignored for the rest of their short lives outside or dumped at the shelters when the family has had enough of feeding the little bunny.

So far this week we've had information read out on the PAWS radio show (3CR 855 AM, Mondays 10-11am) and Tuesday was a letter & website address printed in the city's mX newspaper encouraging people not to purchase bunnies for Easter gifts.

Hopefully with other media contacts we might get more publicity over the next few days before Easter!

We were really disappointed to not be participating in the Oakleigh Festival on Sunday. I was all geared up for it but when the letter arrived from Monash Council advising that we were required to send through our public liability insurance number, the bubble burst. By the sounds of things, all councils now require anyone participating in a public event to have their own insurance and there's no way around it. Good on one hand as everyone's covered, but lots of small community groups miss out on participating so it's a bit of a disappointment to us that it's come to people suing councils over a dodgy hotdog.

We checked out CERES market on the weekend but driving in and out of the city from the eastern suburbs on a Saturday nearly drove us mad so unfortunately that's not the right location for us either (good market though and a fabulous place to check out all sorts of environmental information - Ceres Environmental Park, Brunswick, Saturdays 9am-1pm).

They are all doing fabulously well and are very very cute. In the mornings I sing a little song so they know it's me and they all come running. When they sleep together, they all lie on each other stretching out, legs everywhere! I wish I could keep them all here but it's all coming to a realisation that they are all going to grow up to be Lucky's size and we just don't have any more bedrooms!! As they are getting older, we need to start building another big house for either the girls or the boys to move into before we end up with a disaster on our hands!! Gussy's old house has worked out perfectly for them all as the levels are still a bit too high for the kids to jump to (fortunately for Lucky!!). She loves to watch from the first level just to keep an eye on her babies.

To Lucky's donators, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!! Lucky & the kids truly appreciate your very generous and kind contribution.