Friday, April 29, 2005

Bunny acupuncture

Our little brave Lily is doing very well since her encounter with EC two weeks ago. She has improved dramatically and now has only a minor head tilt. She had acupuncture yesterday at the Prahran Veterinary Clinic and we are hopeful that she will improve even more.

I think the key to increasing the chances of recovery for EC is to be aware of any symptoms and know when to react. Obviously, if a bunny is looking unwell or is not eating, then a trip to the vet is recommended as soon as possible.

With EC, the symptoms were: loss of balance, head tilt, back legs very unsteady and eye movement. We had her on Panacur and Metacam within one day and I think this made for a quicker recovery, though her age probably helps as older bunnies may react differently and take a little longer to recover.