Saturday, April 09, 2005

Update on all things bunny

All our little guys are doing very well and are starting to show their personalities. I can now identify them all, even though they look very similar. We have a runt of the litter and I've called her Lilly (as she's the li'llest one). I have no idea what their sexes are yet so naming is a bit of a problem. Two of the babies have taken up residence with Lucky up on the top floors, especially one I call Smudge (to the right - there's a Smudge to the left as well!). SmudgeTTR sleeps and curls up with mum and it's so cute. I think he/she will stay on as Lucky's buddy as they have really bonded. Another very white one I've called Snowy (boring I know!) also loves to live up top and lies with SmudgeTTR & Lucky but tends to hang out by himself. The little black & white one is a real character and also wants to be watched. He has a favourite spot to lie which is in the doorway of their play house.

Gorgeous Rosie came to stay with us again last weekend. He is the most charismatic and adorable bun you could come across and we love looking after him when his family go on holidays. He stays in our bedroom as he loves lots of attention but does tend to keep us awake with his bouncy behaviour. When he arrived at our place, he knew just where he was and made himself at home straight away. His girlfriend Annabelle wasn't quite as excited as he was to see her and she pretty much ignored his attentions - but that's a good sign as she does quite like him.