Thursday, February 03, 2005

Scared Wet Little Guy

Yesterday I found a little bunny on the side of the road huddled against a fence in heavy rain. It was cold, wet and injured, not to mention terrified. With the weather we've been having in Melbourne over the last 30 hours meant this little guy has probably been left to fend for him/herself throughout wild storms. I have no intention of finding whoever is responsible for leaving this rabbit outside in the cold and I don't believe they should be entitled to any information about its whereabouts now. I'm sure they probably don't care and expect it's been killed by a dog.

I stopped the car, picked it up and after it bit my arm through my fleecy top (BIG bruise!) and then defensely weed on me, I took it straight home, dried it off as best I could, gave it a quiet spot to relax with towels, cardboard box, food, water & a litter tray. After changing my clothes and having to return to work, a few hours passed and I returned home to check on the bunny. It was much better and more perky and surprisingly enough has used its litter tray straight away. It must have been very hungry as it's eaten everything but now hopefully the little guy is going to be fine.

I'm angry that people don't look after their bunnies as well as they should. Rabbits need far more attention and safe housing than running free in the backyard. Bring them inside people and be amazed at how clever a rabbit can be. You don't house your dog or cat in a tiny box outside and forget they're there do you? Everyone knows how clever dogs & cats are because people interact with them - why not rabbits???? Give them a chance & change the way people view these clever and highly intelligent animals.