Monday, February 07, 2005

Pancake Tuesday

How about that! Pancake has her own day. She shall be celebrating with a fresh tray of hay, yummy greens and perhaps a run up and down the loungeroom at full speed!

Update on lost bunny - I probably got a bit hot headed about the new bunny but now she is looking better I'm keeping an eye out for any advertisements from anyone who might have lost this little bunny (found in the Oakleigh area). She is doing a lot better and is eating everything in front of her including a whole tray of hay right down to the newspaper lining. She was so tired that she looked like she was nearly falling asleep standing up! Her facial injuries are probably okay and now just need to heal. She is not running away as quickly now when I go near her and I still can't pat her just yet as she looks like she's still very scared of people.