Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Holiday buns

Stuey - Our cutie little holiday boy went home with his family on Sunday. He is an adorable little guy who was the perfect holiday guest and we'll miss him. However, it's fabulous to know he is so loved by his family.

Rosie - We have a new holiday bunny staying with us for two weeks called Rosie. Rosie is a boy and he is quite feisty (a bit of a swap from Stuey). Having Rosie stay reminds me of how out of control our Peanut was when he came here. Rosie is not desexed and he's very "enthusiastic" when he's out having a run. It is very interesting to see the differences between an undesexed male and an undesexed female. When Angelina is out having a run (separately of course from any other bunnies) she doesn't have that instinct to mate. With Rosie, I feel terrible for the poor little guy that he just can't relax. His breathing is always fast and he can't lie down for more than a couple of seconds before he's off and racing around again at full speed. He nips, grunts, circles, pulls pant legs and is a bit scary when he runs at you full speed and leaps into your lap before jumping off again and racing off up the hallway.