Thursday, December 23, 2004

I'm melting!!

Hot Hot Hot - Another hot one yesterday and the house got up to 30 degrees on the inside before the cool change hit at 4.30 am this morning. Fortunately I bought a new mister spray for the bunnies a few days ago so we were busily misting all the fluffies as well as ourselves all yesterday while melting into the beanbag in front of the tv. My we lead exciting lives!

Angelina Ballerina - Minnie has changed her name yet again! This time it's the last name change, although I lovingly call her Snottie most of the time. I don't think she's getting over the Snuffles as fast as she should be so I've upped the medication to 0.4 mls in the morning & the same for the evening. This is similar to what Peanut got when he came to us with his sneezing and he got over it in one month. Putting the medication in her pellets is working well although it takes a few hours before they're gone.

Bunny Boarding - We have a new little bunny staying with us for 3 weeks called Stuey while his parents are away for Christmas. He's the most adorable little guy and looks like the love child between our Peanut & Dingle as he looks a little like each one. He came out for his first run yesterday and after being a little bit apprehensive, took to the loungeroom like he'd been here all his life. It was a bit hot but he was a clever little guy and found a cool spot on the tiles where he spread himself out and proceeded to watch tv for the afternoon.