Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Woo hoo - made it on radio

3CR - well I finally got my query on the radio, dropping a bit of bunny info on 3CR. Had the name mentioned and I was quite excited! The query was about our Pancake and a reddish tinge to her urine. It was suggested that Pancake may be producing a normal stain as she is desexed, healthy & happy. There was also a suggestion that rabbits can get bladder stones and to take a sample if concerned. Thanks 3CR!

Minnie - trying to get medication into a rabbit that just hates any method is tending to be quite a difficult process. I've tried direct syringing but that's too stressful for her & me and I've tried syringing it into some apple but I can't guarantee she'll eat it. Now I'm squirting it into her pellets in the morning and mixing it around. She does seem to love her pellets and eats them reasonably quickly so the plan is working well so far!

Gus - Gus's indoor life has blossomed. He is having the best time since coming back indoors and I don't think he'd give it up again if he had to. He loves running around, other bunny contact, snacks & treats after dinner - what more could a bunny want!! Perhaps a permanent friend, so we're going to be getting him a bit more chummy with Minnie soon. Things have been delayed because of Minnie's sneezing but she's heaps better now.