Tuesday, January 04, 2005

HAPPY 2005!!

Christmas & New Year - I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas & New Year! We had a lovely time with lots of pressies for all the bunnies. Each one had a stocking and they received fun things to play with - seagrass mats, throw balls & treat balls.

Missing survey results - Unfortunately I missed retrieving a bunny story from the survey (I have a limited time to retrieve them before they are locked). Whoever posted their story, please post again!!! I love receiving stories and publishing them. Sorry about that!!

Shelters - After Christmas there are always a number of animals that are dumped at shelters for so many reasons. As a New Year's resolution, take some time to donate, adopt, help out or just take a moment to think of the animals that end up at shelters and how you may help in the future.

Boarding bunny - Our little guest, Stuart, has been having a lovely time bouncing around and running madly in our loungeroom. He's such a cutie and very gentle. I thought our two bunnies, Peanut & Lavender, who are sharing the same room, would be very interested in him but so far the closest they've come to saying hello has been from the end of the mat. Stuart has been fascinated by the other two and they all keep an eye on each other but are happily just admiring each other from a distance.

2005 - Looking forward to the next year, we hope that 2005 will be the best year ever. I don't know what the future holds but I plan to get more information out about companion rabbits and see where the ideas take me.