Thursday, December 02, 2004

Funny Buns & Funky do

Minnie - Our little bunny finished her trial 10 days of Baytril and was on the improve until she finished her medication and now she's back to sneezing herself silly again. I pick up more Baytril today that will last through a few months so hopefully we'll get on top of this and get rid of it for good.

Funny Buns blog - Stories coming in have slowed down now so that's a bit sad. I'm still hoping to get heaps more but the free online survey runs out every 10 days and I have to duplicate the survey to keep it up to date. One more complication this week is that our host site is changing locations over the weekend and I can't upload my site until next week. This means that the survey runs out of time and I can't renew it until I reload so if anyone adds a story in this time, I can't retrieve it. If you're going to add your story to our site, please wait until next week. Thanks!

3CR - Unfortunately last week's show was cancelled so hopefully this Monday will be a bunny day.

Funky do - Annabelle's new haircut, though slightly radical, will be much easier to look after over summer. I purchased a new grooming brush for her yesterday which cleans itself and works really well to get out all the thick loose fur underneath. It's called Snap-N-Clean and it's great for very fuzzy bunnies as the bristles are plastic so they're nice & soft on the skin but grab the loose fur just enough to get it out (you've got to part the hair and focus on small bits at a time but it works really well).