Monday, November 22, 2004

Welcome to our new diary

We've updated to a new blog diary to keep things up to date so we hope you like it. In case you are not a regular, I'll update with a few issues that we've been dealing with lately.

Vets - our local vet in Mt Waverley (Dr Neil Harding) prescribed some Baytril for our littlest bunny, Minnie who has had a problem with snuffles. She was on Bactrim for 5 days but there were problems. Since being on Baytril she is making a very quick recovery so we are thrilled about that. Thanks Dr Harding!

3CR PAWS program - since I was worried about Minnie, I called the 3CR PAWS (Pets & Animal Welfare Show) Monday week ago to talk to the vet (PAWS is on weekly, Mondays 10-11am, 855AM). The program is good but not many people know about it so the vet doesn't get many phone calls. I figured I'd add a bit of a bunny flavour and call in which ended up being good (although I got a bit nervous about being on air). The vet advised that Bactrim causes nausea and that's probably why Minnie wasn't happy for the 5 days she was on the stuff.

Rescue Rabbit Australia - Our "Rescue Rabbit Australia" forum is gaining more members which is fantastic. There is a little bit of banter going on and some plans in the near future for getting in touch with more shelters.

Funny Buns - The "Funny Bunny" survey has been sensational and the stories coming in are really lovely. There is now a separate blog for the stories which are now going to be a regular thing if we can keep it going and encourage more people to participate.

I have included all the previous diary posts from our website on this blog if anyone wants to read what we have been doing in the recent past. This blog should now be updated very regularly so please keep on tuning in and we hope you like reading what we're up to.