Friday, August 05, 2005

Dingle's Acupuncture

Two days after Dingle came down with her head tilt, we took her to the acupuncturist for her first session. I was a bit unsure about how quick we should start doing this but the vet told us that the quicker you get started with this procedure, the better the chance of a quick recovery.

As you can see, the needles are placed in pressure points around the head, neck & back. The procedure took around 30 minutes and Dingle seemed to really enjoy it (though I think the needles in her back were a bit annoying). She relaxed and almost fell asleep as the whole experience is supposed to make them feel a bit fuzzy inside.

We visited the Prahran Veterinary Clinic & saw Dr Nicole Hoskin. She was very gentle & has had lots of experience with bunny acupuncture. I would totally recommend this procedure for rabbit head tilt.

Other other thing that Nicole did for Dingle was to attempt to stimulate her stomach with a laser to encourage her to eat more & get her tummy moving (she's having a bit of a problem going to the toilet). She has been getting a bit better and I'm guessing that she's very stressed with this disability at the moment and her insides are a bit clogged up (we're having to administer Prepulsid for gut motility but ideally we'd like her to get a bit more fibre & get things moving on her own).

After the acupuncture, Dingle went a little bit backwards (this is supposed to happen which means the pressure points were stimulated). We had to move her back into a smaller padded area so she wouldn't fall over. After a few hours though she was able to stand up again & was eating.