Friday, August 12, 2005

Dingle Update

It's been a week & a half and Dingle is still a pretzel. She went a bit backwards over the week and was rolling over constantly. However, her eyes have stopped shaking & her tummy is moving better now so she's going to the toilet a bit more regularly. She's a very difficult patient and does not take her medicine very easily (in fact it is a battle). I gave up giving her the Baytril after a few days as she absolutely hated it but now I'm back to giving it a go for a week no matter how much she fights me as I really want to try all the drugs (just in case!).

Getting water into her is also a bit difficult but we've figured out a sneaky solution. When I rub her tummy she licks her left foot. So, we've got a routine worked out where we squirt water into Nimal's cupped hand under her mouth, I rub her tummy & she licks the water. I works for us!!

Dingy went off for another acupuncture session yesterday and Dr Nicole made her into a pincushion to try a few more points. She really hadn't improved from the last session so Dr Nicole tried pressure on her bladder & a few more points around her neck. The last experiment was to inject a small amount of water into the pressure points near her ears to try and prolong the acupressure point for a few days. Ding didn't like that at all & nearly took off like Superbunny.