Friday, July 22, 2005

poisonous plants

This is just a reminder to anyone who has companion rabbits to watch out when bringing plants or flowers into the house. Yesterday afternoon one of our bunnies jumped on the couch and climbed her way to a vase that was holding a hyacinth flower. She managed to eat a few of the florettes and when I did a search on the flower, found out it was poisonous.

Since rabbits cannot vomit, the poisonous plant was ingested. We fed her lots of juicy celery & pear afterwards to try & water it down. Fortunately, she is fine & there wasn't any ill effects (so far anyway).

Apparently it turns out that the bulb is the most poisonous of the hyacinth flower but the rest of the plant is also toxic but in larger quantities.

All I would like to suggest to anyone is not to tempt fate & keep all garden plants & flowers way out of reach of your bunnies!!!