Sunday, July 17, 2005

A near miss! (twice)

Yesterday's cleaning frenzy almost caused two of my bunnies serious harm!!!

Princess was out and about running around & I had just moved a rather large folding table into our hallway & it was leaning against the wall. I left the room for a second & heard a huge bang. I came running back into the hallway to see the table flat on the floor & Princess right next to it. Princess must have missed being hit by the table by a millimetre!! That table is really heavy so I don't dare think of what would have happened to her if she was under it when it fell!!! She got lots of hugs & kisses last night I can tell you!!!!!

After Princess was safely back in her enclosure, I let Munchkin out for a run so I could clean her house. She was out for hours without any problem until I heard a scuffle. I ran to the loungeroom & found Dingle (who had jumped her barrier) & had attacked Munchkin (little Munchkin is tiny compared to Dingle aka Killer!). There was quite a bit of fur (black & white - Munchkin's white & Dingle's black) so Munchkin certainly got to fight back (good on ya Munchy!!). Fortunately, neither were hurt but Munchkin now has a rather large bald spot near her neck & possibly a bite (though no blood) so I will be keeping a very good eye on that in case of an abscess. Munchkin also received lots & lots of hugs & kisses but she was okay afterwards & leaping/prancing about without a care in the world.

Anyway, I did learn a couple of HUGE lessons from yesterday's cleaning frenzy! (1) always expect the unexpected (2) always shut everyone's doors when the other bunnies are out for a run (3) always be on the ball & (4) there are so many more fun things to do than clean!