Saturday, July 30, 2005

Masters of Fashion use of real fur - comment

Below is an email that I have sent the director of the Masters of Fashion in regard to the use of real fur by one of their finalists. If anyone else attended this show at any one of the other locations and was equally upset with his flippant comment about fur, please send your objections to Mr Barton c/- Masters of Fashion, Rembrandts Restaurant, Burwood Hwy, Wantirna.

Dear Mr Barton,

I thoroughly enjoyed my evening at Rembrandts last Thursday night and your commentary was, as always, the highlight of the evening (I have been every year for around 6 years and always enjoy the show).

However, I was very disappointed this year to see that real fur has made an appearance at such an enjoyable event. I was quite sickened to think that this "fashion trend" is coming back into vogue and is being accepted by the Australian fashion industry and promoted to the Australian public. An innocent animal killed purely for its fur is not a fashion accessory and should not be publicly promoted as acceptable. I was also very disappointed with your comment that anyone who does not like real fur should "get over it". I would like to ask you Guy, what should I be getting over? Inhumane treatment? Violent & painful deaths? Innocent and unneccesary lives lost for a fleeting trend in fashion?

I understand that you have many years experience in the fashion industry and I do hope that the Masters of Fashion continues for many years to come promoting new designers. I do, however, ask that you encourage new designers to use their talents in design rather than attempting to attract attention through inappropriate methods. When real fur is no longer part of fashion, I'll be happy to then "get over it".