Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Dingle's Head Tilt

We woke up this morning to find our beloved Dingle with a severe head tilt. She was perfectly fine the night before and was running & playing as usual, eating her dinner, & going to the toilet. This morning she's unable to stand, rolls over, eyes are darting, head twisted to the ground and she's obviously scared and confused.

Finding one of our regular vets on duty was a bit of a chore, however we received medication advice over the phone and were able to administer correct dosages before we reached the clinic. Her examination was fine and it does look like E Cuniculi, however we are administering Baytril (antibiotic) for one week just in case it could be an ear infection.

Ding has been eating a little bit if we put it near her mouth and we've been syringing water into her mouth but she so far hasn't been to the toilet yet. She tries to move around but just can't stand so we have put her in between two pillows for support on her favourite soft blanket.

There's so many things we will need to do for her now until she gets better - make sure her eyes are okay, feed her ceacals for her stomach, hydrate her with liquids and encourage her to eat & go to the toilet.