Saturday, June 04, 2005

Princess has arrived

On the same day that Sammy passed away, Princess came to stay.

Princess is a very loved bunny from a family that have moved to Tasmania to live. She is a big white lop who is the most gorgeous and friendly bunnies I have ever met. She loves to cuddle & sit on your lap for hours being patted. Princess is one of those dream bunnies that everyone would want as a companion and we are very pleased that she has come to live with us.

Her family are missing her and called to see how she was doing. Princess is living in our bedroom but in an enclosure as Peanut & Lavender live in the same room. Peanut showed quite a bit of interest and had been going over regularly to visit. Lavender has been showing extra special attention to Peanut giving him loads of kisses (I think she's jealous!!). Unfortunately for Peanut, he poked his nose into Princess's living quarters a bit too enthusiastically this morning & copped the wrath of the new bunny. He's okay but sulked off to his box to get over the shock. Princess's enclosure has now been hoisted up a little higher off the ground so no-one gets into trouble again! (she's now perched high in her castle to watch over her subjects).

However, saying that, I have upgraded the status to King Peanut & Queen Lavender (so they don't feel like they're of any less importance).