Friday, November 19, 2004

4 October 2004

Peanut's now waking us up at around 5.30am or earlier. He quickly figured out that if he keeps annoying you, he'll get some food. I now put Peanut & Lavender's breakfast in a container for Nimal to give them as he gets up way earlier than me. Peanut's also now figured this out and leaves me alone to sleep. Nimal gets all the attention now!

I accidentally left our bedroom door open the other morning to find Annabelle running back & forth in the doorway wanting to go and meet Peanut & Lavender in person. She looked so excited but we were worried that a fight could have started so we cut her visit short. Thinking that there could be a possibility of a friendly bonding, we've moved Annabelle's enclosure to the end of our bed so she's closer to the pair. Things were going fairly well and it looked like the three of them could be friends but while changing Annabelle's tray the other day I left the top of her enclosure opened for two seconds to find Lavender had jumped in and the two of them were fighting. Little Annabelle was very frightened and distressed and we've been very careful since then not to let them get near each other again. I've had to put towels on top of her enclosure as well since Lavender (who we thought was just the most docile of bunnies has turned into a big thug - we've nicknamed her "Big Gladys" from a character on the Basil Brush Show), as she's taken to jumping on top of the enclosure (another thing that came as a surprise as we've never seen her jump on anything!) and wees on top of it! Probably doesn't look good for bonding. I think Peanut would be fine but two girls looks like a bit of a disaster! Never underestimate your bunny!