Friday, November 19, 2004

27 October 2004

Well it's been quite a month for us with so many disruptions and computer problems that I'm glad it's nearly November! We're back online now and I'm so excited I can't begin to describe it!!!

On the bunny front, we have another new addition called Monty. S/he (we don't know the sex yet as it's only very young) came to us from a vet in Fawkner who had our number as a rabbit rescue contact. I'm still not sure how they got the number but after a week of them trying to find it a home (it was found loose in someone's backyard) I ended up picking it up and bringing it home with me. What a cutie!!! It's a little himalayan (white with dark markings on the nose, ears & feet). All our other bunnies are enormous compared to this one but it has just the most gorgeous personality and so very delicate. I have built a three storey NIC condo in our bedroom and that now makes 4 in our bedroom!!! I was going to try and bond Monty with one of the others but they are a little aggressive at the moment towards the new arrival so we'll have to wait and see.

Peanut had a mild case of stasis a few weeks ago. He just wasn't himself and wasn't interested in dinner (which is very much unlike him!). His tummy wasn't making any sounds which is a good indication that things have come to a standstill. I spent a few hours gently massaging his tummy and listening for any noise and when nothing was happening, I gave him a tiny bit of Metacam for pain and a little bit of Prepulsid to get his tummy moving. I also took him out to the loungeroom for a run as exercise really helps get things going. Everything worked fortunately and it wasn't long before there were a few gurgles and he was instantly happier. The difference was amazing. He was running, jumping and his little face looked brighter and relieved that he was back to normal. After he ate something, I took him back to our room to be with Lavender who was very happy to see him again (she doesn't come out of the bedroom as she's scared but normally I'd recommend that a couple should not be separated).