Friday, November 19, 2004

22 September 2004

What do you think our our new-look website? After lots of work, it's hopefully easier to use and has better navigation. The new Rescue Rabbit forum is up and running too and I'm hoping that people will want to join the group to discuss ways of helping bunnies in need.

On the bunny front, Dingle has decided she prefers the contents of her litter tray to be on the floor. She's being very messy but I think it's because she's a bit distressed that Annabelle is getting so much attention. Whenever Ding comes out to the loungeroom, she smells Annabelle and she spends quite a bit of time searching for her.

Annabelle is doing really well and spends all day out and about around the house. She shares the house with our cat, Puddy, who officially turned 18 this week. Puddy doesn't go out much now as there's a nasty cat in our neighbourhood that's threatening her. Annabelle and Puddy get along quite well. Better than any of the other buns, especially Dingle who chases her up the hallway and across the loungeroom. You'd think that an 18 year old cat would be enjoying her golden years without being chased by fluffy things bigger than her.

Gus has decided not to use his tray either and since he's outside, he's been eating the hay in his tray but going to the toilet next to it. He managed yesterday to push his tray down two levels of his home. Quite a mean feat really since the levels are staggered!

Everybun else is fine. Peanut has been waking me up around 6.30am daily by running up and down my back. The other day he was jumping up to the bed from the floor and trying to clear the doona which had been bunched up. He jumped so high, he landed on my face which promptly woke me up! I think we gave each other quite a fright.