Friday, November 19, 2004

20 August 2004

All our bunnies are fit and well and now are up to date with their calici vaccinations. It's been a few weeks trying to organise 7 rabbits to be vaccinated but it's worth the peace of mind that they are now safe from the virus.

I ended up looking around to find another vet for the vaccinations and was originally getting quotes for a house visit. I then decided that I should really visit various vets personally to make a decision on which vet I would choose as a regular vet. I started with Ally & Pancake and booked them in for their shots. The only thing is that it's very stressful driving around with rabbits as they are not at all comfortable in the car. I knew this before but had decided to ignore my better judgement. The whole experience at this new vet was not a pleasant experience as the vet I had booked in with was not there, I was left waiting for quite a while and during the consultation it was obvious the vet I met was not at all comfortable with rabbits so both did not get their teeth, ears or heart monitored. Both Ally & Pancake were extremely upset which made me upset and I just wanted to leave quickly and get them home.

So, after that experience I rang up my local vet who had seen my bunnies before and booked in a home visit. He was fantastic!! I highly recommend a home visit if you have lots of bunnies (or other animals) that need vaccinations in one go. The cost was minimal compared to the stress and anxiety of travelling and you can get everyone done at the same time. Now I have a date to remember for next year!

The only thing I would do differently next year would be to put the nervous bunnies in carry cases before the vet arrived so I wouldn't be running around trying to catch them. This caused a little bit of embarassment on my behalf and upset the ones I was chasing.

Annabelle, our latest addition, is settling in very well. She's completely litter trained and very trustworthy so we leave her out to roam the house during the day while the others are sleeping in their rooms. When the vet examined her teeth he said that they weren't too bad but slightly misaligned to the side. I can't get her to let me see them but I do have to monitor them in case they grow too long. We had her vaccinated as well even though we were unsure whether she may have already had her injection. The vet said the serum does not harm if injected previously so she was done at the same time. Everything was fine so if you're not sure about a bun you have found and would like to have it vaccinated, go ahead there's no risk.
Annabelle has caused a bit of jealousy with Pancake. Whenever she's running past Ally & Pancake's door, Ally runs to stick his nose under. Pancake's become very jealous of his behaviour and has been grunting and running at him. She's not aggressive but it's obvious she's worried that Annabelle's moving into her territory.

Peanut's doing well now that he's out and about with Lavender. She's thrilled to have her boyfriend out all the time but is quite jealous if we pat him too much. After we've patted him, she'll lick his head and then grab hold and hump the poor little guy. She's stopped doing it as much now that we're giving them some space but I miss my little Peanut cuddles. He's a different bunny now that he has a girlfriend. He's turned into a real bunny's bunny and seems to prefer her company to us but that could be because he knows that if he shows interest in us, he'll get another humping!