Saturday, October 29, 2005

October update

ChooseCrueltyFree Expo - Last Sunday's expo was fabulous & we met loads of new & fascinating people (some of whom already had indoor buns). We were armed with our new brochure & printouts as well as our handmade animal themed necklaces which did really well. The atmosphere was very positive & as always there were heaps of amazing things to look at, try & buy without hurting one single animal. I was particularly impressed with Pronto Bronto's schnitzel burger (not being a burger person, I thought it was quite yummy!).

Emily's phantom pregnancy - One of Lucky's daughters, Emily, decided to have a phantom pregnancy last week. Not only was she pulling out her own fur, she started pulling fur out of her own mother & sisters to line her nest & stole all the hay out of the tray. Fortunately this didn't last long (probably difficult keeping her nest in place with three others galavanting about) but it does mean that we will probably be getting her "done" shortly. Of course, the idea was to have everyone desexed so I suppose that's on the cards over the next few months!

Dingy - Dingleberry is still tilted unfortunately and doesn't look like she'll be righted at all in the foreseeable future. She is coping with her directional dilemma and can run & stand & lie down just fine. We are trialling her on Valerian (just a little pinch of a capsule on her evening meal) to see if that helps her relax a little more & stop rolling (trial by our vet). She does seem to have stopped rolling as uncontrollably as she was at the beginning but there are still moments she falls. All in all though, she's in high spirits but a little bored. We're trying to figure out how to reintroduce a cardboard box for her to chew without it getting in her way & upsetting her (this was her favourite pastime as she was a "project" bunny from way back!).