Monday, January 02, 2006

Keeping your bunny cool

To keep your bunny cool on very hot days:

1. move outside hutch into full shade for the whole day

2. provide a frozen water bottle wrapped in a towel for your bunny to sit next to

3. place a wet towel over outside enclosure and let the evaporation cool your bunny

4. bring bunny inside on hot days - your house will always be cooler during the heat of the day

5. mist spray carefully on your bunny's ears & dampen their fur

6. when inside, place a pedestal fan at a safe distance from your bunny to allow breezes to circulate (covering up cord so bunny will not be in danger)

***Please note that metal hutches are not appropriate housing for rabbits. They heat up to intense temperatures in summer, freeze your bunny in winter and are too small. This summer, chuck out the metal cage & try a new approach.