Monday, January 02, 2006

Insects can kill!

For anyone that houses their rabbit outside and you haven't already insect-proofed their housing, here are some reasons why you might want to rush on down to your local hardware store for some insect mesh & a staple gun.

1. Myxo - it's still around & killing off rabbits daily. Forget that you live in the city & it's not going to get your bunny as it's running rampant now in the suburbs. There's no cure or vaccination and your bunny will die a painful death within days. It's spread by mozzies, fleas (common & spanish flea) and your bunny will be even more at risk if you live near wild rabbits populations.

2. Calici - another one that's passed on from biting insects (fleas & mozzies). There is a yearly vaccination but it kicks in after 4 weeks so hurry up & get your bunny to the vet now.

3. Flystrike - ordinary old flies can kill your bunny by laying their eggs on their host. It's a hideous & disgusting way to die.

Please insect proof your bunny's outdoor housing or bring your bunny indoors to live with you. After all, you avoid biting insects so why shouldn't they.