Saturday, October 27, 2007


An update on our new bunny, Tinkerbelle! She was not pregnant fortunately but scared me with two days of nesting before she was off to the bunny doctor for her operation.

It did turn out that Tinkerbelle's uterus was starting to change. Our vet says she was suffering from a type of endometriosis which could explain why she was carrying on a little bit & also biting.

Personally I think the biting is probably because she resents being picked up and possibly had bitten the children she previously belonged to and that's why they decided to give her away.

A few weeks later & Tinkerbelle is adorable. She's figured out what to do with her litter tray fortunately but still toilets at the other end of her enclosure as well which is a bit of a pain. She hates being picked up & will bite if she gets the chance. However, she loves being out & about running around the loungeroom and is the perfect little indoor bunny. Her poos are enormous for such a little bun and she eats & drinks everything without a worry.

Whoever had her before us obviously didn't know how to interact with rabbits. She is a lovely bunny and we can only hope that her previous family will not decide on purchasing another bun next Easter for their short lived entertainment (they know where we live!!!!).