Thursday, October 11, 2007

Rabbit dumped on step

Can you believe some people???!!!!

Tuesday morning I saw a cardboard box outside my front gate. Thinking someone had kindly donated some newspapers for the bunny litter trays I walked over to investigate. Imagine my shock when I saw the note attached to the top of a flimsy cardboard box.

I opened up the box to find a scared little bunny inside. I brought her inside the house & swore quite a bit, directed at the morons who dumped her there.

I'm not angry at the kids (well I am a little bit) but I'm furious at the parents!

* They are the ones who bought the rabbit for the kids.
* They are the ones who would have made the decision to "relocate" the rabbit when the kids got bored with her.
* They are the ones who put her inside the box & taped it up.
* They are the ones who gave the kids the pen & paper to write the note.
* They are the ones who tracked me down & drove to my house (even though I don't know who THEY are).

But worst of all...
  • They are the ones who told the kids it's okay to leave a rabbit in an unventilated cardboard box at someone's house they DON'T KNOW
  • They are the ones who left the bunny without any water
  • They are the ones who didn't check to make sure someone was home
  • They are the ones who were too cowardly to even enter my property so the bunny was out of reach of dogs & cats... just in case we saw them!!!
.... & then they went home without a care in the world!!!!

So, what's worse than leaving a rabbit in a cardboard box on someone's front step???

Leaving a pregnant rabbit in a cardboard box on someone's front step!!!! Yes, she may be pregnant. Thanks parents for teaching your kids that rabbits are throwaway pets, not bothering to desex your animals or finding out the sexes they were before putting them together & thanks for thinking that a total stranger is going to fix your mess.

If you do read this (irresponsible rabbit dumping parents) I hope you feel extremely guilty. You need to teach your children that this is NOT acceptable behaviour & to look after your own responsibilities without dumping them on someone else.

Tell your beloved kids that rabbits are for life, not just for Easter.